Gary Stein for Congress Fl., 20th District

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                Palm Beach Post: U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Delray Beach, at Thursday night’s Palm Beach County Democratic Party meeting. 8/2016

“I hope 10 Zika mosquitoes bite Rick Scott,” Hastings said at one point of Florida’s Republican governor ... and he blasted Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for not returning his calls about getting a congressional medal to honor Lena Horne and said “I will go all over this state and talk about his ass as a result.”        (The absolute best of Lena Horne, click here

Exhibit: A rigged NJ primary election ballot circa 2102. Viola Hughes, running in-the-column, directly connected to Barack Obama (NJ election law, called 'bracketing') wins 90% of the vote in that county. Cassandra Shober (wife of law partner of the then current Atlantic County Chairman, Pat D'Arcy) overall winner in 8 counties in a landslide ... running in-the-line in 7 of 8 counties ... wins a laughable 4% of vote in Cumberland. Stein, displaying a customary disdain here... for ballot slogans (see pic above) doesn't do much better at 6%.  

A very unique (hand painted) NJ primary election yard sign (above) and how to rig an election click  here

Redistricted, or moved to a different one than I signed up to run in. What's that all about? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, my Rep in 2017, click here. 

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Lifelong Republican Stein, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Congress (unopposed in the primary) with a 2nd human chameleon, Congressman Frank "Zelig" LoBiondo (center).

Independent candidate Boyce (strictly speaking ... the only consistently Republican ... and non-chameleon) on right. 

Donald Trump (and me). A day in the life of a fool ... click here and here


Post election lawsuit against the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, click here

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Fenno's Paradox is the belief that people generally disapprove of the United States Congress as a whole, but support the Congressmen from their own Congressional district. It is named after political scientist Richard Fenno who discussed this in his 1978 book Home Style: House Members in Their Districts.  Wikipedia                                                                                             Welcome to .......

Brenda Snipes (defendant) v. Gary Stein, plus condominium renovations: clickhere


p. 1 " ... they denounced decades o change, pledging what amounted to a return to the government and the economy of the 1890's, the cultural norms of the 1950's, and, in more recent times, the ethnic makeup of the country in the 1940's.  This proved to be far beyond the capacity of politics.  Most Americans - including a great many who were neither very liberal nor radical, and especially the young- did not want to go back."

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Alcee Hastings corruption scandal  (Sourcewatch: The Center for Media and Democracy)

In 1979, Alcee Hastings was appointed a federal judge for the Southern District of Florida by President Jimmy Carter. Two years later, Hastings was indicted on charges of conspiring to solicit a bribe from two defendants awaiting sentencing in his court. Hastings was unanimously acquitted of the charges in 1983. The Judicial Council of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, however, soon launched a separate investigation into the matter which lasted nearly four years. Ultimately, the council (which was led by former Watergate prosecutor John Doar and comprised of the active appeals court judges for that circuit and three U.S. District judges) found that Hastings not only had solicited a bribe, but also repeatedly lied during his trial. Following this report, the House Judiciary Committee approved seventeen articles of impeachment against Hastings. Sixteen dealt with the bribery case, while one centered around Hastings' improper revelation of sensitive government information obtained through a federal wiretap in 1985. In late 1988, the articles passed the House by a vote of 413-3. 

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