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Alcee Hastings Impeachment con't. 

One article deals with Hastings' improper revelation of sensitive information
While sixteen of the impeachment articles dealt with the bribery case, one (Article 16) centered on Hastings' improper revelation of sensitive information regarding a wiretap against a suspected Miami drug dealer in 1985.

In 1985, FBI agents received warrants to wiretap the phones of Kevin “Waxy” Gordon, a local zoning officer and suspected drug dealer. Gordon was close friends with Miami-Dade County Mayor Steve Clark. Hastings was aware of the wiretaps, for he had signed the FBI’s requests for them and received weekly updates about the information they were generating. [28]

In late summer 1985, a bureau agent and a U.S. attorney briefed Hastings on the latest details, which included information that Gordon had discussed involving Clark. Hastings, according to congressional prosecutors, was struck by this revelation. Hastings allegedly stated, “That is heavy stuff...The mayor better watch out what he’s doing.” [29]

On September 6, 1985, a local group held an event honoring Hastings and others at the Miami Hyatt Regency. Mayor Clark attended and sat in an aisle seat. Hastings gave the keynote speech and, according to Clark, walked down the center aisle of the room and whispered sensitive information about an ongoing FBI investigation into the mayor’s ear. He allegedly stated, “Stay away from Kevin Gordon...He's hot. He is using your name in Hialeah (a city in south Florida).” Clark claims that he immediately telephoned his office and ordered his staff to set up a meeting with Gordon. [30]

There was, however, some dispute as to the accuracy of this account. Hastings completed his speech around 10 a.m., but the FBI wiretap on Gordon's telephone recorded an urgent call from Mayor Clark’s office to Gordon at 8:58 a.m. Second, Hastings and three eyewitnesses maintain that he exited the room immediately through a door behind the podium, and had no contact with anyone in the crowd. House prosecutors said that Clark’s memory was faulty, and Hastings must have provided FBI secrets to the mayor before, not after, his address. Hastings' lawyers countered that Clark had friends, including FBI agents, who could have had access to the same information Hastings had (and passed it on to him). [31]

After Clark and Gordon learned of the FBI investigations, the bureau immediately removed its agents from the matter, and ultimately shut down two of its investigations completely.

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