Dollars-to-donuts, Sun Sentinel endorses Alcee Hastings for re-election over earnest opponent, Gary Stein ... Republican.

Gary Stein for Congress Fl., 20th District

Vote Smart Question: Please explain in a total of 100 words or less, your top two or three priorities if elected. If they require additional funding for implementation, please explain how you would obtain this funding. 

Answer: Nothing gets done by new House members, or old House members. If elected I'll serve one-term. I can do that! The six-terms-and-out "pledge" in 94 proved worthless.  Voters and House members get too comfortable. The phenom is called Fenno's Paradox. If I surprise and turn out to be the greatest: I break my pledge! My next opponent can prioritise that. Less so later on as I'm ensconced more and more.
If Sun-Sentinel researches this questionnaire which I answered, and my opponent most likely didn't, and doesn't endorse me, HELLO, given my opponents history on the Federal Bench! IT'S RIGGED, FOLKS.