Gary Stein for Congress Fl., 20th District

I just got out my little red book
The minute that you said goodbye
I thumbed right through my little red book
I wasn't gonna sit and cry
And I went from A to Z ... (Burt F Bacharach, Hal David )

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Dear Realtors, your association contributed $4000 dollars to my opponent in Florida's 20th Congressional district - Congressman Alcee Hastings - or about 2/3’s the cost of “constituent flowers” listed on Mr. Hastings FEC filings. Btw, I am a licensed real estate agent.  A quick introduction and my first pitch ever for a small political donation:

#1 issue: I offer a tax plan, while Hastings, wants a congressional pay raise. Google, Hastings and pay raise.  Mathematically, my candidacy is dead in the water. And I'm unencumbered by any special requirement to kowtow to donors, ideologues in either party, or worry about being rebuffed by the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.  It's a hybrid of 3 ideas: 1) a National Sales Tax 2) a high, half million dollar threshold for paying income taxes 3) no corporate taxes. 

With just a little help getting the word out, possible with a small donation from you, I have faith one expert in economic policy will come across the proposal, see the merit, and credit the candidate in S. Florida.  The incumbent, meanwhile, the recipient of your campaign donation, enjoys the fruits of a gerrymandered district that is 80% Democrat to 20% Republican. The impeached former federal judge spends campaign contributions on things like luxury car leases for a non-existent, expensive, phantom campaign. If nothing else, make him sit up and take notice! 

The middle class, the great economic engine in this country, "kicks ass" in my tax plan. It says so on business card below. It puts to the test a cliché I like: "a rising tide lifts all boats" if jobs and incomes increase. There are both regressive AND progressive aspects to the plan that on the surface, would negatively affect the very wealthy and the poor. Not so. And because of the all-inclusive nature of the small National Sales Tax I support, there's one more cliché ... the one about everybody having "skin in the game".

This year I personally knocked on thousands of doors and turned over 2300 sigs to qualify to be on the ballot…to do a good civic thing. Please help reward good civic duty, donate.  And one more thing. NO DIRECT HEALTH CARE COSTS TO BUSINESS IN MY BIG-SCHEME-OF-THINGS-HYBRID-TAX PROPOSAL ... AND NO CORPORATE TAXES. And 5% economic growth - the computer models at Stein for Congress predict it.  And one more.  I'm "for" Single Payer, Medicare for all. No direct business health care costs.

Late in the game now, I plan on asking every PAC like you, that sends money to Hastings, to kindly send me 1/10th the contribution he received.  

My funding goal of a few thousand dollars is very modest and would buy the following: Signs and mailers……….THAT’S IT. 

8/29: sent to helen, scott and heather. more tomorrow. 

Cha Ching, Cha Ching .... page 14, not including storage charges on pages 13 and 15 is ..... $7270

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