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Google-Search-Dead-Ends, And Congressional Campaign Fundraising And Expenditures: Robert Hugles, Alcee Hastings, and the FEC.

People want to know ... who the hell is "Robert Hugles"?

Pursuing an independent investigation after several weeks offering a $25 cash reward to the first person to correctly identify Robert Hugles. So far, zilch


Progress is slow. Opposition research, me, learns on 9/24/2016 that the 1940 United States Census counted a mere 9 people using the name, ROBERT HUGLES.   ​​

Robert Hugles (1 of 9)
BIRTH: 1915
BIRTH PLACE: California
COUNTY: San Mateo
RESIDENCE: 525 Almer Road
Burlingame City, San Mateo, California


Jet City Woman asks sometime around 2011
Question: Can I search a Census for a name?
I want to search the US Census (2000 or 2010) for a name online for free. Can I? What sites? 

WriterRider answers Jet City Woman ... 5 years ago: No. In the U.S. there is a 72 year privacy law in effect. The raw data for the 1940 census is due out April 2012. Right now the 1930 census is the most recently one released and available to the public for individual level data. In some other countries the privacy laws can be more stringent, often about 100 years. 
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